So it all began…

So it all began when we had a little idea – some may consider it a little crazy

But in reality, we are just combining our skills so we can LIVE the DREAM.

In June, my husband Jon and I, will pack up our comfortable inner-north Canberra life and return to Indonesia to get EXCITED and EXPLORE intersections between our greatest passions: FOOD, RESEARCH and ART. 

This project is called the CULTURE KITCHEN FOOD LAB. Here is the brief:

The Culture Kitchen is an exploratory research-based food lab and art space between Canberra, Australia and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Australian-trained chef Jon Priadi has joined forces with anthropologist and wife, Angie Bexley who provides the social research behind the edible creations. They will bring you amazing Indonesian treats; researched, re-imagined and reworked in an awesome environment surrounded by art and nature. National and International artists are welcome to come and explore the possibilities between food and art as artists-in-residence and exhibit in our gallery. We consider ourselves to be very lucky indeed to be surrounded by an amazing community of artists and old friends, Taring Padi and, Jon’s oldest partner in crime, Indonesian food celebrity, filmmaker and also food blogger Rahung Nasution.

For those who don’t know us, here’s our gig: 


Jon Priadi Barajo grew up in the foothills of the Kerinci National Park, Sumatra watching his grandma grind spices in a bucket-sized mortar and pestle and eating cinammon-spiced pumpkin sweets wrapped in banana leaves. He spent his youth in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia where he was an active member of the student movement and member of the Taring Padi art collective, both played a key role in the overthrowing of the Suharto regime. He cut his teeth as a chef at Mocan Green and Grout and Penny University in Canberra, Australia, famed for creative locally based dishes.


Angie Bexley Barajo trained as an anthropologist at the Australian National University. She has developed an inter-discplinary and collaborative approach to her work and  produced academic publications, films and internationally acclaimed art with Timorese, Danish and Australian artists and researchers. She was the senior advisor for the social research unit of Seeds of Life, an AusAID funded program in Timor-Leste designed to improve low-tech household food production. She is dedicated to the idea of engaging popular audience with academic debates. Angie will research the ways people make food, use food, and indeed consider the question what even constitutes food and how this is changing in today’s Indonesia.

We hope you will come on this journey with us as we engage, write and cook all things AWESOME in INDONESIA!



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