Jon’s approach to food..

Jon describes himself as a student of modern cuisine with an emphasis on learning about and reinventing locally-sourced ingredients. He is also rooted in a culture of freshly-ground spices for EVERYTHING.

He takes great pleasure in people ENJOYING his food!

We will be posting a lot of his creations here but this is just a tiny tester of some seasonal autumnal tastes.

These dishes were created in his time at Mocan Green and Grout. Everything is made from scratch- no cheating!

Roasted parsnip, carrot and rainbow beetroot on a bed of quinoa with hazelnut butter and marinated chevre


Beetroot and Leek Soup with hand-made Labneh and Dukkah served with rye and caraway bread


And dinner last night in our backyard was Nori wrapped salmon, nori rolls with sauteed cauliflower, mushroom, pinenuts and some little flowers from our garden. 


Next post:  To market, to market.. to forage?


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