What’s in a name?

I have an article due on art in Timor-Leste so it seems NOW is the appropriate time to post on the origins of the Culture Kitchen..

The Culture Kitchen art collective formed in 2006 in the nation’s capital and works collaboratively and cross culturally on art projects. The core members involve print artists Bernie Slater and Julian Laffan (sometimes together efficiently referred to as Bernie Laffan), Jon Priadi and Angie Bexley, but many more artists, from Timor-Leste and Indonesia have become involved over a series of collaborative projects. So much has been written about The Culture Kitchen art collective, projects and international exhibitions so check out Inside Indonesia and the Canberra Times. About one of our projects, Pat Hoffie, Professor at the Queensland College of Art had this to say:

It’s true the context is fascinating. But you have to believe me when I tell you that it was the work that dragged my interest in, in the first place. Stretched across the gallery walls, the four panels were a reminder that art can still surprise.

Here are some images of a couple of the projects we have undertaken since 2006.

Our first project, Menolak Jadi Korban (We Refuse to Become Victims), (2007) was a series of five large scale maps that travelled from Canberra to Yogyakarta and Dili, Timor-Leste.


Recovering Lives Across Borders (2008) was a massive 4X1m lino print and collaboration with Osme Goncalves (Timor-Leste) and Deni Pancatriatna (Indonesia), printed at Megalo Print Studio, Canberra.Timor

We engage in a culture of DIY, which includes installing your own artwork.


Working collectively takes time, a lot of talking…IMG_0034

and hopefully a lot of laughing!


The Culture Kitchen Food Lab is an extension of the collaborative and exploratory nature of the original Culture Kitchen art collective, we hope it will SURPRISE.

We are SUPER excited that Bernie Slater will bring his art students from Canberra’s Canberra Institute of Technology over to Yogyakarta to make some mischief, a cultural practice, for which he has become well known.

Upcoming post: Jon’s approach to food


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