In a chef’s shopping bag…

How do chefs shop? What do they buy and how do they know which bunch of carrots is the good one?

Every Saturday morning, like many other Canberrans, Jon bundles his children and defiantly un-trendy wheeled shopping tote into the car and heads to Canberra Farmer’s Markets.

He has his favourite stalls where he knows the quality of the produce is always high; brightly coloured, fresh and in-season. He also likes to sniff around (literally), talk to the farmers and stall holders for inspiring produce where he can create new tastes. Last Saturday, he found heirloom cucumber, the greeny-white vegetable on the right.


Watercress is a staple in our household, as it is in Indonesia. It’s used as a replacement for lettuce and spinach. It is peppery and crunchy.


And Jon never, ever, walks past Ken’s Black Horse stall without buying this Plum and Cinnamon jam, also used at Mocan Green and Grout. This jam on a slice of fresh sourdough, say no more.


The heirloom cucumber became this pickled cucumber later in the day (recipe to follow).

IMG_6877Happy weekend and market shopping!



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