Arya Jalu’s bird-head teapots

I love my tea.

I especially love it when it’s served from an artisan hewed teapot that has a bird head as a spout.


Arya Jalu is Yogyakarta’s leading bird-head teapot designer and creator.

Originally from Bandung, West Java, he studied print making at the Indonesia Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta and is critically acclaimed nationally and internationally. He was a founding member of the Taring Padi art collective and is also a lead guitarist of Blackboots, a punk band.


Blackboots has played in the underground scene since 1996 to express their discontent with the then Suharto regime. Their voice was a key contributor to the pro-democracy movement that brought about the end of the authoritarian government. They still have a lot to say about ongoing corruption and apathy in today’s Indonesia.

This is a lovely little diddy that best exemplifies their social and political concerns in Indonesia. It’s called Geng Tentara (Military Gang).

Now, back to the tea.

Arya works across the mediums of sculpture, print, drawing and installation and speaks directly to political and social concerns. Most recently Arya has been exploring issues surrounding the ecological impacts of development and pollution that affects him and his community.

Of the teapot, he says:

This teapot makes our days more cheerful, while reminding us of the free and wild birds in our neighbourhood whose population decreases day by day.

The teapot comes in this awesome box. It says: “Let’s relax and drink some tea!”



Arya is a key collaborator in the culturekitchen foodlab project.


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