Culture Kitchen FoodLab is Launched!

Last Saturday night, the Culture Kitchen FoodLab was launched at our local Ainslie Hall, a heritage listed building built in 1927. The hall sits on the land of Corroboree Park; a site of social significance as one of the local meeting places for indigenous Australians in times past.

It was a fitting venue for our own corroboree of sorts, with beautiful food, art and friends.

With a little help from these dear friends, we transformed the hall with an impromptu exhibition featuring some print-works by Taring Padi, Gembel and Culture Kitchen. A few solo works by Jon, Julian Laffan and Bernie Slater found new homes via a free raffle.



IMG_2457 IMG_2455


IMG_2439The original Culture Kitchen art collective whipped up a ‘Brown House School of Design’ on the dessert table. It was a place where scholarship donations are always welcome and where our clever friends could make some pretty art and make some statements!

We couldn’t asked for a more awesome project launch. Thank you our wonderful friends; we await you in Yogyakarta.

IMG_2444 IMG_2452





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