Healing hands and healing foods

We arrived at our friend, S Tedy D’s house in Yogyakarta. Tedy is a leading Indonesian contemporary artist. The house is an amazing combination of art house/kos (boarding house). Designed by Indonesian architect Eko Prawoto, renowned for working with local materials, it has open air living spaces, old teak doorways and the walls are lined with Tedy and friend’s artwork. We are grateful to be in such an amazing house with our old friend.

178A0058 178A0050 178A0049



There is a playground in the middle of the house!

And a resident mutt called Kapten.



Our friend is sick and is in hospital at the moment. His mother (Ibu) is here. Every day Ibu tenderly prepares Javanese treats, packs it all neatly in her canvas tas pasar (market bag) and takes it to our friend in hospital. Ibu remains calm and practical; folding bamboo leaves to wrap and steam parcels of fish; cobbing corn for perkodel (potato cake), chopping green beans, dicing carrots for lodeh (clear soup), grinding chilli for sambal chilli sauce. The intricate and labour intensiveness of all this cooking is at the essence of her calmness.

178A0321 Yes, those little beadie eyes are fish.




Ibu also makes a killer green smoothie of steamed broccoli, green beans, pineapple, watercress and spinach. Kale hipsters, eat your heart out.




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