When old cooking partners cook again

Recently, Jon’s oldest friend, fellow Sumatran, travel/food host Rahung Nasution came to Yogya to shoot an episode for his series on Java. The reunion resulted in big smiles and an awesome feast.



It was held at another old friend, Puthut Ea’s small cafe called ‘Mas Kali’. The cafe is  based on an angkringan– a traditional semi-permanent food cart offering tea and coffee and small snacks for manual workers with not much time to spare. Every evening Mas Kali prepares some delicious delicacies of pan friend tofu and tempe and cups of tea for the end of the Muslim fasting day ‘buka puasa’. 178A0619



178A0618   178A0621     178A0639178A0624 Then the cameras started rolling and it got down to the cooking. 178A0592 178A0606   178A0595 178A0597 178A0596 178A0599 178A0634 178A0635 178A0637

On the wall is a quote by Pramoedya Anata Toer, Indonesian social-humanist writer and postcolonial folk story teller who was incarcerated on Biru Island under Suharto. The quote from his book, Earth of Mankind reads:

Happy is she who eats from and delights in the efforts of her own sweat, and develops from her own experiences.


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