CK FoodLab Cooking Classes in Yogyakarta!

Warung Mas Kali in the north of Yogyakarta (aptly named Jl. Damai/ Peace St) kindly organised some cooking classes as a way of introducing Culture Kitchen FoodLab to the food scene in Yogya. We are happy to report that Jon’s first cooking class went swimmingly!


The all-Indonesian and female students were eager and engaged as they conquered the basics of julienne to the necessity of just a tiny bit of sesame oil. Through their newfound knife skills, they unwittingly prepared all the ingredients for a tossed tempe, roasted cashew salad. For some it was the first time they had ever made a salad, let alone eat one! They expressed surprise that raw food could taste so GOOD.

‘But how do we get taste if we don’t use MSG?’ they asked. Indonesian cooking, particularly domestic (and professional) cooking relies heavily on packaged spices that contain mono-sodium glutamate. Chicken stock came the answer. Time-consuming, yes. Simple, yes. They relished the tastes of the chicken and corn soup and pumpkin and carrot soup they all had a hand in making. In fact, there were no left overs for the hungry photographer!

Thank you to the beautiful Diajeng who organised the classes, we look forward to next week’s session!










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